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15 Kv Pin Type Polymer Insulator

15 Kv Pin Type Polymer Insulator

Our company specializes in the production of composite insulators for transmission lines. The main structure is composed of rubber, epoxy glass fiber core and metal end fittings.

  • Model Number :

    15kV Pin
  • Order(MOQ) :

  • Type :

    Composite Pin insulator
  • Product Origin :

    Jiangsu, China
  • Material :

    Silicon rubber, composite polymer
  • Safety Standards :

    ANSI and IEC
  • Standard :

  • Packing :

    Carton/ pallet/wooden box
  • Rod Material :

    ECR Fiber glass
  • Application :

    High Voltage
  • Color :

    Gray or red

15KV Composite pin insulators are widely used in the insulation and mechanical fixation of high voltage overhead transmission lines, transmission lines and transformer busbars.Its insulation parts are composed of glass fiber resin mandrel and organic material sheath and umbrella skirt insulator.It is characterized by small size, light weight, high tensile strength, anti - pollution flashover performance.


Product Features

1. Small size, light weight (1/7~1/10 times that of ceramic insulators with the same voltage), good elasticity of the shed, not easy to break, convenient transportation and installation, and economical.

2. High mechanical strength. FRP rods have high tensile strength, which is 5-10 times that of ceramic materials. The cross-section of the core material is small, the product is small in size, light in weight, and high in tensile strength. It is easy to manufacture large-tonnage insulators above 300KN.

3. High antifouling performance and good aging resistance. The silicone rubber injection molded shed has good hydrophobicity and mobility, which makes the insulator have high anti-pollution flashover voltage and good electrical corrosion resistance.

4. Easy installation and maintenance, which can greatly reduce maintenance costs caused by power outages and manual labor intensity.


Product Photos


Why Choose Us

1.20 years of production experience and high-end equipment and technology;

2.Professional technical expert team and excellent customer service;

3.Our company has high-quality supplier resources, which can provide customers with high-quality raw materials and other supporting services;

4.OEM and ODM both are available in CECI.


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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.